Smile Designing

smile design

Refresh your entire look with a Smile design with Opal Dentistry. We have a qualified team of specialists to give you An enhanced smile. We will discuss your concerns and a thorough examination will be carried out which includes facial proportions, shape, colour, size and alignment of your teeth. This way we make sure to offer you the best recommendations and all different options available to you.

What is Smile Designing?

Smile designing is a dental procedure which helps you to enhance your smile.It includes treatments like Porcelain veneers, Gum recontouring, Invisalign, Braces ,EMax crowns , teeth whitening.

After the examination of the existing teeth condition, the treatment is tailor-made for each patient depending on the duration and cost affordable with the best quality is delivered.

Dr. Kirubaharan MDS is a specialist in Smile make overs and has changed lives of many with his magical hands on smile designing including a list of celebrities.

Dr. Kirubaharan is adored by the patients for his ethics in practice where he says NO to unnecessary treatments and nods for treatment only after the initial mock up session. This test drive of smile helps patient to visualize the expected results out of the treatment.

Book your appointments for a mock up or test drive and get a magical smile.

Ready To Smile?